Daniel Quinones of poabdesigns.com newest endeavors as animator, editor, writer, director, artist, art direction etc. teams up with Alberto Portillo for Brian”HEAD”Welch new music video “CHEMICALS” for his band LOVE&DEATH takes you on a glimps of the creative process and art used.


Hey every one check out the new CHEMICALS video for Brian HEAD Welch’s new band LOVE AND DEATH!:

and the Making of CHEMICALS with creators Daniel B. Quinones and Alberto Portillo:





Special thanks to:
Melissa Leslie Quinones
Sophia Portillo
My Whole Family the QUINONES’s
Leslie Famliy
Michael & Celeste Guido
Dennis & Olivia Bentivengo
The Whosoevers
Raul Ries
Joey M.
Directors: Alberto Portillo & Daniel Quinones
Producers: Daniel Quinones, Alberto Portillo & Sophia Portillo
Editors: Alberto Portillo & Daniel Quinones

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